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Buy a man and dance! Fundraiser to benefit the Women and Children in Crisis.
Talkeetna Bachelor Society's Fund

The Society organizes and hosts an Auction and Ball every December with the mission of raising money to be donated primarily to women and children in crisis. In short, The Talkeetna Bachelor Society is a collection of single men who want to create the best possible living conditions and opportunities for women and children. Help us raise awareness of domestic violence, find ways to prevent it, and in the worst case scenario provide treatment to its victims.

The Society was created and hosted its first Auction in 1981 at the Fairview Inn. In 1986, Pam Rannals created the Wilderness Woman Contest in order to allow women to show off their uniquely Alaskan skill sets. The events, which had previously been underwritten by the Fairview Inn, reached profitability in 1989. The Society decided to make a donation to the Valley Women’s Resource Center in order to show their appreciation for the women that attended their extravaganza. Donations to the Valley Women’s Resource Center quickly became a tradition. The Society also made donations to local non-profits and organizations that addressed community needs.

In 1997, DX Russell joined Pam Rannals as an event coordinator, and the Society’s efforts soon reached a new level of success. In the ten years that Pam and DX worked together, the Talkeetna Bachelor Society made $32,200 worth of donations. In 2002, with the help and foresight of Jessica Stevens, The Society created the Talkeetna Bachelor Society’s Fund for Women and Children in Crisis with an initial donation of $2,000 to the Sunshine Community Health Center. By 2006, $10,000 had been donated to the Society’s Fund at the Health Center.

After the 2006 Auction and Ball, which was billed as the last of its kind, Marne Gunderson and Loudon Wilson agreed to keep the Talkeetna Bachelor Society and its efforts in existence. Beginners’ luck carried 2007’s event to $9,630 worth of success, and tragedy governed the Society’s donations. $2,000 was donated directly to women that were victimized by violent crimes that occurred in Palmer and Anchorage just before and after The Society’s events. In addition, $2,000 was donated to the newly formed Jessica Stevens Foundation, and $2,000 was donated to the Fund that Jessica Stevens helped the Society create.

The overwhelming success of the Talkeetna Bachelor Auction in 2008 allowed the Talkeetna Bachelor Society, with the consent and encouragement of Sharon Montagnino of the Sunshine Community Health Center, and the advice and assistance of Suzanne Yack of the Alaska Community Foundation and Robert Ambrose of the Jessica Stevens Foundation, to create a dedicated and managed fund with the Jessica Stevens Foundation. With an initial investment of $5,000, the Talkeetna Bachelor Society created an endowment, the proceeds from which will be donated to the Talkeetna Bachelor Society’s Fund for Women and Children in Crisis. With this critical investment, The Talkeetna Bachelor Society has guaranteed that the money the Society raises will be used to improve the lives of women and children for a long time to come.

A key figure in the success of the Talkeetna Bachelor Society is the emcee and a member since 1998, Robert Forgit. He thrives in the spotlight, but is no less valuable behind the scene.

The Talkeetna Bachelor Auction and the Wilderness Woman Contest would not be possible without the enormous volunteer efforts of many people. We are grateful for the spirit and energy that all of you have provided over the past 30 years. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. Now it’s time to enjoy yourselves!

Even if you can not make it to the Talkeetna Bachelor Auction, you may still make a contribution. Please send your check to:

Talkeetna Bachelor Society
P.O. Box 1063
Talkeetna, Alaska 99676

2015-2016 Funding Requests and Amounts Donated


PTA Healthy Snacks 400.

PTA Salad Bar 400.

Ping Pong Table 300.

Kachemak Bay Field Trip 1,000.

Artist-In- Residents Program 400.

SU-VALLEY Jr/Sr High School:

Athletic Dept. Students Meals 500.

Girls BB Uniforms/Equipment 500.

Soccer Equipment/Uniforms 500.

Drama Club 500.

Close-up Program 600.

Technology Certifications 400.


Trapper Creek Elementary Art Program 500.

Sunshine Daycare 300.

Denali Arts Council, Green Light Circus 1,000.

Denali Arts Council, Summer Stock Sch. 500.

Northern Susitna Institute Children Program 500.

Talkeetna Library Program 400.

Upper Susitna Seniors / Meals on Wheels 400.

Upper Susitna Food Pantry 500.

KTNA Radio _ 400.

Bachelor Society Women/Children Crisis Fund 10,000.

TOTAL GIVEN: $22,000.




2014-2015 Funding Requests and Amounts Donated

Bachelor Society Fund for Women & Children in Crisis $10,000.00

Talkeetna Elementary School PTA Healthy Snacks $500.00

Talkeetna Elementary School PTA Art Supplies $400.00

Talkeetna Elementary School Student Transit Tickets $200.00

Talkeetna Elementary School After School Program Skates $250.00

Talkeetna Elementary School Bus for Field Trip $500.00

Talkeetna Elementary School Computer Charging Cart $650.00

Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School Athletic Dept. Supplemental Meals $500.00

Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School Girls Basketball Program $300.00

Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School Drama Club $300.00

Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School Aviation Class $229.00

Trapper Creek Elementary School Sports Equipment $500.00

Sunshine Day Care $300.00

Talkeetna Historical Society Children's Centennial Exhibit $500.00

Denali Arts Council, Green Light Circus Scholarships $1,000.00

Northern Susitna Institute Children's Programs $500.00

Fill The Gap Program Food Baskets $500.00

Upper Susitna Senior Center Meals On Wheels $ 400.00

Upper Susitna Food Pantry $1,050.00

KTNA Community Radio Sponsorship $400.00

KTNA Domestic Abuse Prevention Announcements $800.00

Bachelor Society Scholarship at Su-Valley High School $1,000.00

2013-2014 Funding Requests and Amounts Donated
Talkeetna Bachelors Society made donations totaling $22,000 in 2013-14

Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School, Native Youth Olympics for participation fees scholarships $500.00

Talkeetna Elementary PTA for Healthy Snacks $600.00

Community Free Box for fuel expenses $600.00

Filling the Gap for Food Baskets $500.00

Upper Susitna Seniors Inc. Meals on Wheels program to deliver meals $500.00

Su-Valley Jr./Sr. High School Athletic Dept. for Student’s supplemental travel meals $ 650.00

Sunshine Transit operation expenses $500.00

Talkeetna Elementary School for students Transit ride tickets $300.00

Talkeetna Library for Children’s programs $500.00

N.S.I., Classroom With a View for new program for ages 6 to 10 years $600.00

Talkeetna Elementary School for Kachemak Bay Field Trip scholarships to low income $1,000.00

Su-Valley Jr./Sr. High School Moose Club for processing expenses $500.00

Talkeetna Elementary School for Attendance Counts Program $700.00

DAC, Green Light Circus to offer 10 matching scholarships to attend Circus Camp $1,000.00

Talkeetna Historical Society for expenses $300.00

Talkeetna Elementary School for new Listening Center $200.00

Upper Susitna Food Pantry for food supplies $700.00

Su-Valley Jr./Sr. High School to establish TKA Bachelor Society Scholarship $1,000.00

KTNA Radio for Talkeetna Bachelor Society sponsoring Membership $300.00

This is half of the proceeds from the recent Bachelor Auction. The other half of the proceeds automatically goes towards Women & Children in Need thru the Talkeetna Bachelor Society Fund under the Alaska Community Foundation, and locally through the Sunshine Clinic, and Jessica Stevens Community Foundation.


2012-2013 Funding Requests and Amounts Donated
Talkeetna Bachelors Society made donations totaling $14,650 in 2012-13

Talkeetna PTA, Healthy Snacks $500.00
Talkeetna Historical Society, Belle's Barn YCC project $500.00
Upper Susitna Food Pantry $500.00
Su-Valley High School Moose Club $500.00
Green Light Circus $500.00
Su-Valley High School Athletes Food Fund $450.00
Northern Susitna Institute programs $400.00
Sunshine Transit $400.00
Free Box "Filling the Gap" $400.00
KTNA Community Radio $400.00
Free Box Community Store $400.00
Talkeetna Elementary School Robots $400.00
Sunshine Station Daycare $350.00
Upper Susitna Seniors, Meals On Wheels $300.00
VFW Post 3836, Cabin Fund $300.00
Friends of Talkeetna Library Building Fund $300.00
Su-Valley High School Salad Bar $300.00
Su-Valley High School Girls Basketball Uniforms $300.00
Talkeetna Community Schools Transit $75.00
Su-Valley High School, Music Boosters Travel $50.00

Talkeetna Bachelor's Society Fund benefitting Women & Children in need $7,325.00

Thanks to you, the Talkeetna Bachelor Society made donations totaling $9,400 in 2011-2012.

Women and Children in Crisis administered by the Sunshine Clinic


The Talkeetna Bachelor — Your Friend and Helper

Here a little bit about what the boys do to help out: They are on call to shovel snow or remove trees for senior citizens, build playgrounds for the daycare, sandbag during emergencies - that kind of thing. Community members can call and ask us for help anytime.


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