The weekend is not all about the Men!
Ladies who are over 21 years of age and single are encouraged to participate in the last great wilderness competition!

The competition is the best way to show these bachelors what women are made of! It consists of three rounds of skill, precision and true Alaskan grit!



the hardest haul

Only 5 ladies will make it past the first round which is the water haul. It requires running 2 empty buckets down Main Street, exchanging them for two full buckets of water that you then need to get across the finish line without loosing a drop!



round no. 2

We have all met that guy that needs waited on hand and foot! The next round consists of "delivering" a sandwich (made by you) and a beverage to a bachelor in waiting. That is followed by sawing and hauling wood!

last but not least

The last round is full of adventure! Fishing, snowshoeing, shooting "ptarmigan", ringing the dinner bell and shooting a moose! It's all in a days work!

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