Wilderness Woman Entry Fee

Wilderness Woman Entry Fee

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PO Box 1063

Talkeetna, Alaska 99676-1063






A panel will judge all events. Their decision is FINAL! All events will be timed and the best/fastest cumulative time for the full three events will win. Prizes will be awarded to the First, Second and Third place contestants. Winners will be announced (and awards given) prior to the start of the Bachelor Auction, at approximately 7:00 PM at the Denali Arts Council's Sheldon Arts Hangar. "Errors" during the various events will add seconds to the time. The order of contestants will be drawn by lottery prior to each event. The best seven times from the first event will proceed to the final two events. Where necessary, equipment will be provided. Bachelors will be strategically positioned at various points throughout the events.


•      You must be 21 years of age

•      You must be single (meaning not married or engaged)

•      You cannot wear ice cleats or have spikes of any sort on your shoes 


At the command "Go!"

•      Four (4) to Five (5) contestants at a time, from the startingline

•      Pick up the two (2) empty 5-gallon waterbuckets

•      Run down Main Street to the marked line (between 50 and 100yards)

•      Bachelors will be there with two (2) buckets¾ full ofwater

•      Exchange the empty buckets for the filled waterbuckets

•      Run back to the starting line and set the water bucketsdown



•      For every one (1) inch of water that is spilled or otherwise lost during the event, 10 seconds will be added to your time.



Only the top 5 contestants will proceed. This is determined by the time of the first event.

At the command "Go!"

•      One contestant at a time, from the startingline

•      Run to the porch of Nagley'sStore

•      Make a "poor-boy" sandwich (materials provided) using two slices of bread with at least one of everything else, including each of thecondiments

•      Grab a can of beer, open it

•       Carry sandwich and beer across the street and "give" it to the reclining bachelor watching TV.

•      NOTE: No designated format for "delivery" to the bachelor (you are, after all, in a hurry) but the beer and all parts of the sandwich must arrive in the same general area, at roughly the same time with a reasonable degree of accuracy (i.e., the lap or chest).

•      Proceed immediately to the park, where an idling snow machine with a sled attached will be waiting

•      Hop on the machine and zoom off counterclockwise on the course laid out in the park with flagged stakes to the firewood area, stop

•      Pick up five (5) pieces of wood (already in a pile)

•      Load the firewood onto the sled

•      Continue around the course to the “bonfire” (a circular area designated in the snow), stop

•      Gather the firewood from the sled

•      Put all five pieces of wood inside the“bonfire”





•      For every ingredient (condiment, too) not included on the sandwich, 10 seconds will be added to your time

•      For every piece of wood lost from the sled (you cannot go back to pick them up), 10 seconds will be added to your time




At the command "Go!"

•      One contestant at a time, from the starting line

•      Pick up a backpack (provided)

•      Run to the designated fishing area, stop

•      Grab your favorite ole fishing pole (provided)

•      Proceed to "snag" a salmon

o  NOTE: If your "lure" gets stuck in a tree, the "river", your neighbor's hair, a rooftop or a nearby car, it is your responsibility to get it unstuck. "Wading" in the "water" is allowed. If your line breaks or the reel fouls, a second pole will be available. If both rigs fail you must fix one.

•      Remove the hook from your fish

•      Return the fishing pole(s) to thebachelor

•      Place fish in backpack

•      Take the pack (fish included) around the course to the next designated area, stop

•      Put on a pair of snowshoes (provided)

•      Follow course to the "ptarmigan" hunting ground, stop

•      Grab the BB gun (provided)

•      "Shoot" one (1) Ptarmigan, which are cleverly camouflaged as balloons

•      Return the BB gun to the bachelor

•      Run for the ladder leaning against a tree

•      Remove the snowshoes

•      Climb the ladder & ring the bell

•      Climb down the ladder

•      Grab the Air Soft gun from a bachelor (provided)

•      When an alleged moose charges you, "Shoot" it; keep shooting until the moose is hit

•      Return the Air Soft gun to the bachelor in waiting and give him a kiss



·Failure to return fishing pole(s) to the bachelor, 1O seconds will be added to your time

·Failure to return BB gun to the bachelor, 10 seconds will be added to your time

·Failure to remove snowshoes, 10 seconds will be added to your time

·Failure to return the Air Soft gun to the bachelor in waiting, 10 seconds will be added to your time



You will be disqualified ALL your goods(pack, fish, snowshoes and the Air Soft gun) are not returned to the designated bachelors.



Good Luck!

And may the best Wilderness Woman Win!!!